Sponsorship program

1. Sponsorship conditions

This program is reserved to all The Parapharmacy clients who are willing to participate. The clients, with respect to the Sponsorship Program, are those who have registered, have legal capacity to place an order on the website, and have already completed at least one purchase on our website on a purely private basis. Each client can sponsor a friend or a family member. To become a sponsored client, one must create an account in which one will mention the name of the sponsor. The advantage will be granted only once per sponsor for each sponsored client. In other words, only one order per sponsored client will be taken into account for the rewarding of the sponsor. There will be only one sponsored client per household (same first name, same address). The sponsored client must have an invoicing address, a shipping address and an email address different from the ones of the sponsor and of the sponsor’s other sponsored clients. When a sponsored client orders for the first time, the sponsor will receive automatically an email notification from «The Parapharmacy» services informing him/her that his/her reward will be granted at the time of his/her next order. A client can only be sponsored once and will be rewarded as such only once.

2. Rewards for the sponsor ans the sponsored clients

As soon as a sponsored client places an order and that order is validated, the sponsor will receive a 5% discount voucher valid for his/her next order (all taxes included and before shipping fees are added). The sponsored client will also receive a 5% discount voucher valid for his/her own order (all taxes included and before shipping fees are added). A 5% discount voucher will be given to the sponsor for each sponsorship. This advantage cannot be transferred, transmitted or exchanged for any other products and cannot be combined with any other promotions except the Loyalty Points Program. In no way this advantage can be replaced by the payment of its cash value. If the advantages accumulated by a sponsor exceed the amount of his/her own order, the surplus will be forfeited. The sponsor will in no case be allowed to claim the payment of its value in cash.

3. Information veracity checking

The Parapharmacy Company reserves its right to verify the accuracy of the information provided by the clients participating in the program. Sponsors and sponsored clients must authorize all necessary checking regarding the validity of the sponsorship. If after verification litigious elements remain, the validation could be denied. Any false claim will result in the immediate removal of the client from the program.

4. Responsibility

The Parapharmacy Company reserves the right, without notice, to change, extend, shorten, suspend or terminate, at anytime and for whatever reason, the Sponsorship Program, completely or partially, without having to provide any justification, and without committing its responsibility in any way.

5. Personal data

In application of the 34th article of the French Law “Informatique et Libertés” dated January 6th, 1978, the client has the right to access, modify, correct and delete all personal data. To exert this right, the client must simply contact us either online, or by mail, mentioning his/her name, first name, address and if possible client reference number, at the following address :

SàRL The Parapharmacy
2, rue Corneille
37000 Tours, France.

The client may also access and modify personal data online, in the “My Account” section.

6. Jurisdictional competence and applicable law

Only the rules published through the-parapharmacy.com website govern and will prevail.In the event of disputes and after an attempt at an out of court settlement, the courts of Tours (France) will be the court of competent jurisdiction. The present rules are subject to French law.